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JUGENE: One trillion computing operations per second

One trillion computing operations per second (1 petaflop/s) – this is what the new supercomputer is capable of performing. This is equal to the computing power of more than 50,000 PCs. The supercomputer’s some 295,000 processors are housed in 72 cabinets, each around the size of a phone booth, in the computer room in JSC. Its storage capacity is around 144 terabytes. Together with the other Jülich supercomputers, JUGENE will have access to around 6 petabytes of hard-drive storage. This corresponds to the storage capacity of more than a million DVDs. The official inauguration of the as-yet unnamed computer will take place within the framework of a ceremony in the middle of the year.

Overview of the new Jülich supercomputer

Type: IBM Blue Gene/P
Peak performance: 1 petaflop/s
Processors: 294,912
Processor type: 32-bit PowerPC 450 core 850 MHz
Compute node: 4-way SMP processor
Main memory: 144 terabytes
Racks: 72
Network latency: 160 Nanosekunden
Network bandwidth: 5.1 gigabyte/s
Power input: 2.2 megawatts