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Questions and Answers on how to apply for a position at Forschungszentrum Jülich

Here you can find questions frequently asked by applicants, which will be answered below. If you have any questions, our colleagues at Human Resource Development and Recruiting will be pleased to help you.

Questions on

... types of positions 

... the application itself

... the interview and getting to know each other  

1. I'm interested in Forschungszentrum Jülich as an employer. What positions can I apply for?

All current vacancies can be found here.

2. Is it possible to do a work placement at Forschungszentrum Jülich?

Yes, it is. You will find further information on this on the website of our Vocational Training Centre (P-Z). (German only) 

3. Can I write my diploma, bachelor or master dissertation or my PhD thesis at Forschungszentrum Jülich?

At Jülich, there is a range of opportunities to write an academic paper within the framework of an undergraduate or postgraduate course or a PhD.
Vacancies for PhD theses
Vacancies for Bachelor and Master theses
Further information for doctoral researchers

4. Do unsolicited applications have a chance?

In most cases, unsolicited applications do not make much sense as there are usually specific demands for the positions at Forschungszentrum Jülich. Therefore, please apply for one of our numerous current vacancies indicating the respective reference number.

However, you are always welcome to write an unsolicited application for a position as diploma candidate or to write your bachelor or master dissertation. Please send your application directly to the institute where you would like to write your dissertation

5. What is the preferred way to apply?

As of autumn 2012, Forschungszentrum Jülich offers candidates the option to apply online. If an online application is requested in the job advertisement, please do not submit your application by post except in well-founded, exceptional cases.

If it is not possible to apply for the relevant position online, please click on the following link for further details:

addresses for applications

6. What documents should be enclosed in my application file?

Every application should consist of a cover letter, a current CV and copies of all relevant degrees, certificates, further education and training measures, etc.

more tips on the different documents in the application file

7. Can I also write my application in English?

Applications in English are possible especially for scientific positions.

8. Who is the right person to answer my questions? And who should I send my application to?

For all advertised vacancies, Human Resource Development and Recruiting (P-E) will be at your disposal. The respective contact details of the different organizational units, which you can send your application to, are detailed in the advertisement or on the overview page of contact persons. If you have any questions related to places for trainees or interns, please contact the Vocational Training Centre (P-Z).

9. Can I apply for several advertised positions?

You may also apply for more than one position if these positions do not differ significantly from each other. Please send us one application for each vacant position and do not forget to indicate the respective reference number of the advertised position in your covering letter.

10. What are the application deadlines?

All vacancies published on the Internet are currently valid. If there are application deadlines for certain processes, these will be indicated in the respective advertisement online. If there is no application deadline indicated in the advertisement for the vacancy you are interested in, please send us your application as soon as possible.

11. How long does it take, to complete and upload my application to the online recruitment system?

Please allow about ten minutes to complete and upload your online application. Please note that you can only upload documents in PDF format and the attached files must not exceed 3 MB per document.

12. How long does the selection process take?

You will receive a confirmation from us that we have received your application no later than one working day after you have uploaded it. The duration of the selection process can vary depending on the position as each application is carefully evaluated by personell from the relevant department.Regardless of timescales associated with individual positions, you will be informed of the outcome, at the latest, once the selection process has been completed. You can find a detailed description of the process here: Application and selection process.

13. Where can I get to know Forschungszentrum Jülich?

You are welcome to visit us during one of our numerous events, where we will introduce you to Forschungszentrum Jülich as an employer and where we will be pleased to answer your questions on how to get a job here. You will find details of upcoming events under Fairs and Events.

14. What is the best way to get to Forschungszentrum Jülich: by car or by public transport?

You will find further information on how to get to Forschungszentrum Jülich and our branch offices in Berlin and Rostock here:

How to get to Jülich
How to get to Berlin and Rostock

15. Where can I park?

When approaching the main entrance, turn right at the roundabout and you will reach the visitor's car park. After you have registered at the visitors' reception you can drive onto the campus in your private car and park in the designated parking spaces.

16. Where will I have to register if I have an appointment or an interview at Forschungszentrum Jülich?

As a visitor to Forschungszentrum Jülich you will need to register at the visitors' reception, which is located at the main entrance. You will receive your visitor's badge there, which you will have to return when leaving the campus.

17. How much time will it take to register at the main entrance?

From 08:00 to 12:00 there could be long waiting times for registration. Therefore, you should allow at least 15 to 20 minutes for registering at the visitors' reception and making your way to the respective building.

18. How can I find the building where my interview will take place?

Your contact person should have informed you of the building and room number of your meeting. At the visitors' reception you will get a site plan with all buildings at Forschungszentrum Jülich and their respective building numbers. We also recommend that you download the following documents beforehand in order to acquaint yourself with the distance you have to cover.

How to get to Jülich, site plan and road guidance system

19. Is it possible to buy snacks or drinks on the campus of Forschungszentrum Jülich?

Right next to the lake, there is a canteen (Seecasino), which offers a large variety of food and drink (building 04.1). As cash payment is not possible there, visitors must use the machine of the entrance to the canteen to get a chip card in order to buy something to eat or to drink. Meals are served from 11:15 to 13:30.

You can also buy sandwiches, drinks and other snacks in the Seecasino shop, which is located at the entrance area of the building. You can also pay for your snacks in cash there. The shop is open from 07:30 to 14:30 (14:00 on Friday).

20. Will my travelling expenses be refunded?

Applicants who are invited to an interview will get detailed information on the refund of their travelling expenses based on the German Federal Act on Travelling Expenses.