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Sustainable Campus

Forschungszentrum Jülich believes in sustainable development. We want to demonstrate our economic, ecological and social responsibility in our research and in our daily work. For us, a sustainable campus means research in the fields of energy and the environment, information and brain research with the aim of providing society with options for action facilitating sustainable development. At the same time, research at Jülich and the associated infrastructure should also use the available resources in an efficient manner.

Blick auf den See

Campus 2050: A Campus with a future

What will the Jülich campus look like 40 years from now? In any case, it will be energy-efficient and future-oriented – a location for research, for working, and for living, with forward-looking perspectives. To this end, Forschungszentrum Jülich has developed an urban development master plan. It comprises innovative approaches to energy efficiency and envisages a new structure for the campus that is designed to facilitate the exchange of scientific ideas between disciplines.

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Research for Sustainable Development

Research is in demand when it comes to using resources more efficiently in areas such as energy supply and storage, information technology, and environmental and climate research.

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Coordinating change

Transforming everyday work and research from the ecological, economic, and social perspective cannot be achieved overnight. All employees must become involved in this process to realize the long-term goals. More: Coordinating change …