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JCNS develops and operates neutron scattering instruments at some of the best neutron sources worldwide. In-house research focuses on “correlated electron systems and nanomagnetism” as well as “soft matter and biophysics”. In these areas of expertise, we offer expert support on world-class instruments with a specialized sample environment and ancillary laboratory access to external users.

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JCNS - the Video

How does society benefit from neutron research and what are Forschungszentrum Jülich's contributions? These are just some of the issues regarding the key technology of neutron scattering explored in a new ten minute video.

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For the current organizational chart of the JCNS, please use the following link:

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Historic image showing neutron scattering instruments and scientists at work

JCNS History

The history of neutron research in Jülich began in the 1950s. The most important events and milestones of the last 60 years can be found here.

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JCNS Collaborations - © Andersen Ross -


The institute collaborates with national and international partners. The most important projects can be found here.

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Neutron Landscape

We are members of the League of Advanced European Neutron Sources (LENS).

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