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Research Interests

Dr. Hongchu Du

Scientific member, microscopist and chemist of the Central Facility for Electron Microscopy (GFE) RWTH Aachen and Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons (ER-C)

Being member of Electroceramics and nanoeletronic oxides group

My research interest is in developing and applying the state-of-the-art TEM imaging and data analysis techniques in study of local atomic and electronic structures at surfaces, interfaces, and defects in materials, nanostructures, and devices. The ultimate goal of my research is to quantitatively determine local atomic and electronic structures, to elucidate their dynamics and influences, thereby, to understand materials properties and phenomena mechanisms at atomic level.

Methods and Techniques

- Quantitative spectromicroscopy with EELS, EFTEM, and EDX

- Quantitative (scanning) transmission electron microscopy

- Energy filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM)

- Tomography with EELS and EFTEM spectromicroscopy 

- Atomic resolution (S)TEM image processing, simulation, and quantification

- Component analysis and spectrum end-member extraction

- Geometric phase analysis (GPA)



  • Quantitative EELS and EDX spectroscopy
  • Quantitative atomic resolution (S)TEM
  • DigitalMicrograph scripting
  • Data (image and spectrum) processing and quantification
  • Nanocrystal synthesis by wet-chemical methods