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Margret Giesen

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 Step Dipole Moment and Step Line Tension on Au(100) in aqueous KBr electrolyte (PDF, 1 MB)
M. Al‐Shakran, L. A. Kibler, T. Jacob, G. L. Beltramo, M. Giesen,
Electrochimica Acta, in press DOI 10.1016/j.electacta.2015.08.084



 Kink Energy and Kink Dipole Moment on Vicinal Au(001) in Halide Electrolytes  (PDF, 2 MB)
M. Al-Shakran, G. Beltramo, M. Giesen,
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics,16 (2014) 12143 - 12149 

Kink Energy and Kink Dipole Moment on Vicinal Au(001) in Halide Electrolytes 

 Landau theory for stress-induced, order-disorder transitions in phase change materials (PDF, 2 MB)
M. Thielen, R. A. Nistor, D.Shakhvorostov, G. Beltramo, M. Giesen, M. H. Müser
Physical Review B 89 (2014) 054101-10



 Chlorine-enhanced surface mobility of Au(100) (PDF, 169 kB)
M. Mesgar, P. Kaghazchi, T. Jacob, E. Pichardo-Pedrero, M. Giesen, H. Ibach, N.B. Luque, W. Schmickler
Chemical Physics and Physical Chemistry 14 (2013) 233-236

Current transients for the hydrogen evolution reaction at high overpotentials on silver electrodes in acid solutions: Experiments and modelling
A. Ruderman, M.F. Juarez, L.B. Avalle, G. Beltramo, M. Giesen, E. Santos
Electrochimica Acta 109 (2013) 403-410

First insights of the electrocatalytical properties of stepped silver electrodes for the hydrogen evolution reaction,
A. Ruderman, M.F. Juarez, G. Soldano, L.B. Avalle, G. Beltramo, M. Giesen, E. Santos, ,
Electrochemical Communications 34 (2013) 235-238



 Electrical and structural properties of stepped, partially reconstructed Au(11n) surfaces in HClO4 and H2SO4 electrolytes (PDF, 335 kB)
M. Al-Shakran, G. Beltramo, M. Giesen, H. Ibach
Surface Science 605 (2011) 232 – 239

Interface capacitance of nano-patterned electrodes
H. Ibach, G. Beltramo, M. Giesen
Surface Science 605 (2011) 240 – 247



 Anomalous Helmholtz-Capacitance on Stepped Surfaces of Silver and Gold (PDF, 367 kB)
G. Beltramo, M. Giesen, H. Ibach
Electrochimica Acta 54 (2009) 4305 – 4311



 Determination of the Step Dipole Moment and the Step Line Tension on Ag(001) Electrodes (PDF, 156 kB)
G. Beltramo, H. Ibach, U. Linke, M. Giesen
Electrochimica Acta 53 (2008) 6818 - 6823



 Electrochemical Annealing and its Relevance in Metal Electroplating: An Atomistic View (PDF, 941 kB)
E. Pichardo-Pedrero, G. Beltramo, M. Giesen
Applied Physics A 87 (2007) 461 - 467


 A Novel Approach to Measure the Step Line Tension and the Step Dipole Moment on Vicinal Au(001) Electrodes (PDF, 217 kB)
G. Beltramo, H. Ibach, J. E. Müller, M. Giesen
Surface Science 601 (2007) 1876 – 1885



 The thermodynamics of electrochemical annealing (PDF, 139 kB)
M. Giesen, G. Beltramo, S. Dieluweit, J. Müller, H. Ibach, E. Santos, W. Schmickler
Surface Science 595 (2005) 127 – 137



 Potential Dependence of the Step Line Tension on Surfaces in Contact with an Electrolyte (PDF, 311 kB)
H. Ibach, M. Giesen, W. Schmickler
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 544 (2003) 13 – 23



 Potential dependence of Step and Kink Energies on Au(100) Electrodes in Sulfuric Acid (PDF, 210 kB)
S. Dieluweit, H. Ibach, M. Giesen
Faraday Discussions 121 (2002) 27 - 42



 Step and island dynamics at solid/vacuum and solid/liquid interfaces (PDF, 5 MB)
M. Giesen
Prog. Surf. Sci. 68 (2001) 1

 What Does One Learn from Equilibrium Shapes of Two-Dimensional Islands on Surfaces? (PDF, 303 kB)
C. Steimer, M. Giesen, H. Ibach
Surface Science471 (2001) 80 – 100

 Experimental determination of step energies from island shape fluctuations - (PDF, 123 kB) )
C. Steimer, M. Giesen, H. Ibach, L. Verheij
Physical Review B 64 (2001) 085416(1-7)



 Analysis of Terrace Width Distributions on Copper Vicinal Surfaces by a Wigner and a Gaussian Approach - A Comparison (PDF, 392 kB)
M. Giesen, T. L. Einstein
Surface Science449 (2000) 191 – 206

 Determination of activation energies of mass transport processes on Ag(111)-electrodes in aqueous electrolyte (PDF, 223 kB)
S. Baier, M. Giesen
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2 (2000) 3675 – 3680

 On the Mechanism of Rapid Mound Decay (PDF, 1 MB)
M. Giesen, H. Ibach,
Surface Science 464 (2000) L697 - L702

 Influence of Anion Adsorption on the Step Dynamics on Au (111) Electrodes (PDF, 389 kB)
M. Giesen, D. M. Kolb,
Surface Science 468 (2000) 149 – 164



 A Novel Method for the Experimental Determination of Step Energies (PDF, 192 kB)
G. Schulze Icking-Konert, M. Giesen, H. Ibach
Physical Review Letters 83 (1999) 3880 - 3883