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Das Jülicher Quantenmikroskop

Quantum Microscope Made in Jülich

Scanning tunnelling microscopes capture images of materials with atomic precision and can be used to manipulate individual molecules or atoms. A new approach by physicists at Forschungszentrum Jülich is now creating new possibilities for using the devices to study quantum effects. Thanks to magnetic cooling, their scanning tunnelling microscope works without any moving parts and is almost vibration-free.

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Prof. Markus Ternes

Quantum Experiment in Science Raises Questions

Quantum systems are considered extremely fragile. Even the smallest interactions with the environment can result in the loss of sensitive quantum effects. In the renowned journal Science, however, researchers now present an experiment in which a quantum system consisting of two coupled atoms behaves surprisingly stable under electron bombardment. The experiment provide an indication that special quantum states might be realised in a quantum computer more easily than previously thought.

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