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Quantitative imaging software development

The development of software package for quantitative MRI is an important step toward popularizing quantitative MRI. Following data acquisition, the MRI data – usually a set of measurement – need to be treated as single entity and processed together to return the estimated water content map. This workflow needs to be automated. A software package – Matlab Quantitative Imaging Toolbox or MQit – is being developed under Matlab to perform this task. A scripted programming language such as Matlab is very powerful to develop rapidly processing algorithms and to perform complex data analysis. Additionally, a Java graphical user interface – called JQit – has been developed to provide an ergonomic and simple interface for non-expert users. This interface assures the communication with MQit and allows preparing jobs on datasets acquired with specific quantitative imaging protocols. The TAPIR, the M0-w. and T1-w. 2D-GRE and the 3D-GRE protocol are all implemented.

Quantitative imaging software development