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Bild Portable NMR BarleyEar of barley in the Phyto-NMR

The Phyto-NMR sensor is a portable NMR device that employs basic relaxometry to non-invasively measure the amount of liquids in fruits, stems or leaves.

The sensor is suitable for use in the greenhouse and the lab. It is typically used to monitor growth dynamics of plant parts in response to environmental conditions such as drought, salt, or changes in evapotranspiration.

The typical time resolution is around 5 minutes per time point, but can be reduced to a few seconds as well.

Bild Portable NMR stemThe probe head can easily be opened to allow long samples such as stems to be inserted into the sensor

Bild Portable NMR graphicExample: water content of a developing bean pod, measured over a 2 week period

Proof of principle and example of results:

NMRcuff_velocity200_jpgMeasuring xylem flow in an intact poplar tree


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