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Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre


Digital Image Sequence Processing Setup for monitoring of leaf growth via digital image sequence processing

Spatio-temporal quantification of leaf area growth

GROW Map-LeafAjustment of lights and camera

Data Acquisition

  • fixation of a leaf in a plane parallel to camera
  • illumination with near infrared-diodes
  • image sequence at high frequency in near infrared throughout day and night

GROW Map-LeafSet up and evaluation of an experiment with GROW Map-Leaf

Image analysis

  • optical flow analysis of image sequence resulting in velocity vector fields
  • calculation of divergence to obtain growth maps

Results example

DISP dataSpatial and temporal distribution of leaf growth in 4 species ilustrating typical growth patterns


Walter A and Schurr U (2005) Dynamics of leaf and root growth: endogenous control versus environmental Impact. Annals of Botany 95: 891–900

Wiese, A.; Christ, M. M.; Virnich, O.; Schurr, U. and Walter, A. (2007) Spatio-temporal leaf growth patterns of Arabidopsis thaliana and evidence for sugar control of the diel  leaf growth cycle.
New Phytologist 174, 752-761

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