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The FieldCop is a high precision 3D-positioning system for field measurements with custom sensor equipment based on a hydrostatically driven small vehicle (Pic. 1). The vehicle has a deadweight of 1.6 metric tons and chassis dimensions of 300 x 130 x 98 cm (L x W x H). In addition it offers standard agricultural connectors such as a 3-point hitch, two power take-offs and hydraulics connections for accessory equipment. A maximum velocity of 8 km/h is possible. In manual mode the vehicle is controlled by using a remote control.

Bild FieldCop 1(Pic. 1) FieldCop Platform for sensors at 4 meters high and 4 meters at the side

A boom is installed on top of the vehicle (Pic. 2), which is able to pivot laterally 90 degrees above experiment plots. The vertical position of the boom is controlled by a hydraulic lift system. The booms platform can spatially position a variety of sensors by using two motor driven shafts. The platform can reach a height of 4 m above ground and up to 3.8 m apart from the vehicle. The sensor platform has a maximum payload of 12 kg (Pic. 4).

Bild FieldCop 4(Pic. 2) FieldCop Measures of platform for sensors in relation to hight and beside the vehicle

Bild FieldCop 2(Pic. 3) FieldCop Extension arm with platform for sensors can swing beside or in front of the vehicle

Coarse positioning (+/- 15 cm) of the vehicle towards the experiment plots is implemented by using a built-in autopilot / steering support based on RTK-GPS (Real Time Kinematic) (Pic. 3).
Spatial fine positioning (+/- 5 cm) is implemented using an additional RTK-GPS-sensor mounted directly to the sensor platform.

Depending on the distance between measuring points or plots and the used sensors 10-50 measurements an hour are possible.

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