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Shoot Dynamics

Shoot Dynamics

Measuring and understanding photo-synthesis and dynamic shoot traits at different scales. more: Shoot Dynamics …

Root Dynamics

Discovering root traits for resource efficient crops to meet the growing demands of agriculture. more: Root Dynamics …


Alternative Biomass

Developing alternative biomass resources based on perennial plants and algae. more: Alternative Biomass …


Jülich Plant Phenotyping Center

Quantitative analyses of the plant phenome by high-throughput and non-invasive phenotyping. more: Jülich Plant Phenotyping Center …

Enabling Technologies

Technology development for sustainable and innovative plant production. more: Enabling Technologies …


Bioinformatics, Cell Walls & Secondary Metabolites

Integrating multiple omics data to improve plant resilience, performance and the material and energetic use of plants. more: Bioinformatics, Cell Walls & Secondary Metabolites …