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Selected Highlights

GrowScreen-Rhizo 1

Plant cultivation in soil-filled custom-made rhizotron

Simultaneous and non-invasive phenotpying of root and shoot growth and architecture of crop plant species grown in soil-filled rhizoboxes


Screening of shoot structure and function

The phenotyping system SCREEN House is used for screening of the shoot structure and function of different mono- and dicotyledonous plant species


Designed for routine phenotypic evaluation of Arabidopsis and other rosette plants

The system enables a wide range of diverse experiments and gives the opportunity to discover the genetic control of shoot traits of model plants


A non-invasive, high-throughput phenotyping system

The system allows the acquisition of time series of the developing root systems

Cavity Resonators

Volumetric and non-invasive measurements of plant biomass

Using the cavity resonance physics principle for plant growth analysis


Field Plant Root Phenotyping

Phenotyping platform to measure root traits to support crop production through trait and gene discovery