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The Exascale Innovation Centre (EIC) has been established in March 2010 together with IBM aiming at joint research on hard- and software technologies which are relevant for exascale computing. This and other exascale labs should pave the way of Forschungszentrum Jülich becoming the first European site to operate an exascale system. The work is carried-out by teams consisting of researches and engineers from IBM Research Böblingen and Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Current work focusses on

  • Evaluation of future HPC architectures for scientific applications.
  • Realisation of active storage concepts for Blue Gene/Q.

Completed projects include the

  • Evaluation of Blue Gene/Q prototype hardware and early porting of scientific applications and tools.
  • Analysis of Blue Gene/Q specific features.
  • Development and test of the RDMA over BG/Q (RoQ) interface.
  • Integration of fine-grained power measurements on Power7 in performance tools.

Contact: Dirk Pleiter
                Uwe Fischer (IBM Research & Development) Email Uwe Fischer




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