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Fast Methods for Long Range Interactions in Complex Particle Systems


FCS-2013 timetable

 Timetable of FCS-2013 (PDF, 182 kB)


  • Overview Lecture "High Performance Computing on the way to Exascale"
  • Introduction "Particle Simulation Methods"
  • Introduction to parallel computing "Introduction to MPI"
  • General Overview "Long Range Interactions"
  • Introduction to "Parallel Methods for Particle Simulations"
  • The Fast Multipole Method (FMM)

    • Introduction into the Method for open boundary conditions
    • FMM for Periodic Boundary Conditions in 1d-, 2d- and 3d.
    • Parallelization of the Method

  • Tree Methods

    • Overview of Tree-Methods
    • The Barnes-Hut Method
    • Parallelization of Tree-Methods

  • Multigrid Methods

    • Introduction to Multigrid
    • Multigrid for Long-Range Interactions in Particle Simulations
    • Parallelization of Multigrid

  • Fourier-Transform Methods

    • Overview over FFT methods
    • Minimizing the discretization errors
    • Non-Equidistant FFT (NFFT)
    • NFFT and Fast Summation
    • Parallelization of P3M and NFFT


  • MPI - Parallel Programming
  • ScaFaCoS - a parallel library for Fast Coulomb Solvers
  • Integrating Fast Solvers into User Codes
  • Applications of FMM, NFFT, Tree-Codes, Multigrid