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User Support

User support is offered by competent experts.

Supercomputer support

Our high-level support team supports the users in case of problems on our systems, e.g. porting of the application, parallelisation and performance issues as well as usage of the HPC system.

Tel. +49 2461 - 61 2828, E-mail:


Our dispatch team is responsible for the user administration, creates user accounts on the HPC systems and supports the users to access the supercomputers. The dispatch is additionally responsible for database-accounts as well as external access to JuNet and WLAN, and is registration authority for certificates.

Tel. +49 2461 - 61 5642, Fax. +49 2461 - 61 2810

Opening times of Dispatch (building 16.4, room 201):
Monday – Friday: 09:00–11:30
additionally Thursday: 13:30–16:00


Project Mentor

A mentor is assigned to each scientific project, that is currently being conducted on the supercomputers at JSC. The mentor acts as a permanent point of contact between the project and JSC. The mentor is available for requests concerning further support and training offers by JSC or helps to arrange in-depth code analyses. The individual mentor of each project can be found within the project overview in JUDOOR.

More information concerning the project mentor is available here.

Cross-sectional teams

There are three special task forces taking care of code scalability:

The cross-sectional team "Mathematical Methods and Algorithms" provides know-how in numerical kernels and assists users in using these algorithms: Mathematical Methods and Algorithms

The cross-sectional team "Performance Analysis" offers several tools to analyze parallel programs and supports in the usage of these tools : Performance Analysis

The cross-sectional team "Application Optimization" offers special support for users on program optimization: Application Optimization

The cross-sectional team "Visualization" gives support for the visualization of scientific data and for multimedia productions: Visualization

The cross-sectional team "Deep Learning" provides support for users with the application of deep learning methods: Deep Learning

All teams are strongly collaborating with the  simulation laboratories. The Simulation Laboratories also offer a dedicated call for preparatory access.

Distributed Compute and Data Services Support

The Juelich Distributed/Data Services Support Team (DS-Support) supports the users of distributed computing and data services, such as


Ticket system for support

Support requests to,, and are stored in a local ticket system. You can find our privacy notice here: Privacy Notice (german: Datenschutzerklärung).

Technology support (JSC internal only)

JSC's technology support team supports JSC colleagues in all topics concerning IT technology. The team offers an "all-round carefree package" for desktop hardware, supports tasks concerning x86 servers and storage, carries out hardware installations, provides virtual systems on the VMware complex, operates a workstation group as a central Linux system for JSC colleagues and the IT systems of the three training rooms at JSC.
Tel. +49 2461 – 61 2888,