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Cross-sectional team Mathematical Methods and Algorithms

The cross-sectional team (CST) "Mathematical Methods and Algorithms" deals with mathematical aspects of computer simulations. Mathematical modeling, development and improvement of numerical algorithms as well as their application are important ingredients to computer simulations of complex systems and processes. In order to broaden the methodological basis of computational science this team carries out research in all these different areas. The R&D activities are performed in close cooperation with researchers of JSC's other groups, especially the SimLabs, as well as academic and industrial partners outside JSC.

Numerical Algorithms for High Performance Computing

The development of numerical methods and algorithms which are of strategic importance in a wide range of application fields is a cornerstone of scientific computing. In order to make simulations more realistic the system size or the accuracy of the models has to be increased. In both cases the applications depend on powerful numerical algorithms which make efficient use of high performance computer architectures. Thus one focus of research in the CST team is the provision of efficient numerical core algorithms.

Some recent results and on-going work in this area are

Modeling and Simulation

Another focus of research is the application of mathematical methods to problems which cannot be successfully tackled with already existing solutions. The questions arise very often within collaborations with academic research groups inside and outside Forschungszentrum Jülich as well as from projects with industry. Current activities include the
Application projects


We offer any kind of collaboration in the field of Statistics such as modeling and model fitting which leads to parameter estimation. Precisely, the construction of e.g. point estimators, their numerical computations, and the investigation of their large-sample properties. Additionally, to assess the quality of fits, we use basic graphical tools, goodness-of-fit statistics, and information criteria.

Interactions with SimLabs

The CST team "Mathematical Methods and Algorithms" collaborates with JSC's SimLabs wherever mathematical expertise helps to enable simulations for supercomputing.

Current cooperations include the SimLabs