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Scalable Linear Algebra PACKage, or Scalable LAPACK,
Contributors: University of Tennessee at Knoxville, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley

The ScaLAPACK library includes a subset of LAPACK routines redesigned for distributed memory MIMD parallel computers. It is currently written in a Single-Program-Multiple-Data style using explicit message passing for interprocessor communication. It assumes matrices are laid out in a two-dimensional block cyclic decomposition.
ScaLAPACK is based on the BLACS (Basic Linear Algebra Communication Subroutines). This means that a suitable BLACS library has to be linked, too. The public domain BLACS library is installed on JUGENE. Access and usage are explained here in combination with ScaLAPACK.
The current release 1.8 does no longer include sequential LAPACK routines needed, thus an LAPACK library has to be linked together with ScaLAPACK.