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Usage of ParMETIS on JUWELS

ParMetis 4.0.3 is available on JUWELS. The standard version uses 4-Byte integer and 4-Byte real values, the -double version uses 4-Byte integer and 8-Byte double values.
There are version with Intel compiler and ParStationMPI and IntelMPI and with GCC and ParaStationMPI

Compilation and linking of a user-program main.c calling ParMETIS routines is done by

module load intel-para [Intel IntelMPI] [GCC ParaStationMPI]
module load ParMETIS
mpicc main.c -I$EBROOTPARMETIS/include -L/$EBROOTPARMETIS/lib -lparmetis -lmetis -lm

Examples are not yet installed on JUWELS.