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Usage of NAG C Library with Linux Compiler gcc

Linux 64-bit addressing mode

To use the NAG C Library Mark 23 (double precision), the following commands are necessary:

export ND=/usr/local_64/nagc
export AD=$ND/acml
export NAG_KUSARI_FILE=$ND/license.dat
gcc userprog.c -I$ND/include $ND/lib/libnagc.a $AD/libacml.a $AD/libacml_mv.a \
$ND/lib/libnagc.a -lpthread -lm

where userprog.c is the application program. The optimized BLAS of the AMD ACML are used.


nagc_example routine-name

e.g. nagc_example f08tac, a copy of an example program (and its data, if any) is copied to the current directory, compiled, linked and executed.