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Additional tools for monitoring IBM p690 cluster

Here is a list of additional tools which can be used to monitor or test the communication over the interconnect of a IBM p690 cluster (HPS).
  1. fzjlinktest:
    MPI test program for testing the Federation Switch (HPS), PingPong over all different paths through HPS network
  2. fzjlinktest_stat:
    graphical analysis of fzjlinktest results
  3. fzjtopoview:
    generates PostScript plot of (IBM/HPS config file)
  4. Perl-script for IBM BlueGene DB2 System data base access.
    This Perl-script reads the information about nodeboard usage and running jobs from the BlueGene system data base and writes a llview-conform XML file. Prerequisites are the Perl DBI module and the Perl DB driver for DB2 data bases.
    WARNING: This script is in an alpha state and only tested on our eight rack BlueGene/L system.
  5. Command-line version of llview client for BLueGene/L.
    This Perl-script displays on stdout the information about the usage of the Blue Gene/L system . Prerequisites is the script which have to accessible by
    WARNING: This script is in an alpha state and only tested on a our eight rack BlueGene/L system.

If you require access to any of these tools, please contact