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JSC intends to provide the users with a single interface to the supercomputers and other services and therefore introduced a new user portal called JuDoor.

All users can get access to the portal and can manage their personal data, as well as their account and project memberships via JuDoor. A big advantage: account creation on an SC systems will be performed in minutes, because we now offer a full online process including the user and the project s principle investigatoar (PI), no paper handling is required anymore.

Please consider that JuDoor is the only way to get accounts on the JSC systems. PIs can manage their project members online themselves, they also have the possibility to assign a project administrator (PA) who can manage the account handling for them. The PA announcement can also be done in the portal itself, but requires a signed form of the PA.

The portal will be enhanced in the next months, e.g. it is planned to provide a full view of the projects for the PIs including consumed resources and monthly reports.

Access to JuDoor

You can find Judoor here: JuDoor.


Here we will describe the usage of the new portal.

Getting portal account and Login

All current users automatically got an account for the portal during transition to the new usage model.
New users can apply for an account via the portal, this is done via "register" at the login page. An email callback is used to verify the user.
Also a password reset can be performed here.

Users can login to the portal with their portal account and password. It is also possible to login via the emaill address registered at JSC.

Login to JuDoor

User view

After Login you see an overview of your resources and you have the possibility to perform actions on them:

  • Personal data
    You can also change your personal data here.
  • Systems to which you have access
    It is possible here to upload ssh-keys and to sign user agreements of the systems
  • Projects you are member of
    You can click on the projects to get more details and to perform actions on the project.
  • Software licenses
    You can ask for access to licensed software here.
  • Other connected services
    You can see further webservices assigned to you.


Getting HPC account

A user can apply for access to a project which is known to him by specifying the project id. The request for project membership is sent to the PI, the PI is informed via email and can find the request in the portal itself. The PI can accept or deny the request and also assigns which HPC systems the user can access in the project.

Just click on "Join a project" to start the request for the PI.

A user can also request an additional resource in a project in which he is already member: click on the project and afterwards on "request access for resources", choose the resource you would like to access and click on "Inform PIs and PAs about your request". An email will be sent to the PI/PA so that your request can be approved.

View of Principle Investigators and Project Administrators

PIs and PAs can see all users in their project and which systems are assigned to them. It is also possible for them to delete a person from the project or a single resource. Also an overview about Storage and CPU resources on the systems is provided.

Join of a user to a project

In case a user wants to join the PI's project the PI/PA can see the request in the portal, but the PI/PA is also informed via email: a direct link in the email leads the PI/PA to the request in JuDoor. Here, the PI/PA can add the user to the project and assign HPC systems to the user.

The PI can also reject a request from a user to join the project. If the user is to be admitted later this can be done via "Show rejected users" in the project view below the user's list.

Add an additional resource to a user in a project

A user can request for an additional resource even when he is already member of the project. The PI/PA gets an email about the request: a direct link in the email leads the PI/PA to the request in JuDoor. Here, the PI/PA can approve the requested resources (or parts of the resources) by clicking on "save".

Deletion of a user from a project or from project resources

The PI/PA can completely delete a user from the project: The PI/PA needs to click on the modify-icon for the user in the user's list of the project and afterwards on "Remove from project". The user will have no access anymore to the project data and compute resources. The access-rights of the data which was still stored in project directories with uid of the user will be changed to the uid of the PI.

The PI/PA can also just remove access to some or all compute resources: The PI/PA needs to click on the modify-icon for the user in the user's list of the project and afterwards deactivate resources and press "save". The user stays member of the project, even if all compute resources have been revoked, the user can still access the data of the project.

Announcement of a Project Administrator

The PI is responsible to manage the users working for his project, i.e. approving or denying access to the project and assigning compute resources. But this responsibility can be transferred additionally to a second person, called project administrator. This can be done via the portal itself by the PI, the future PA gets via email a form which has to be signed and send to the user administration (dispatch) at JSC, address please see below.

To announce a user as PA in the portal the PI needs to click on the modify-icon for the user in the user's list of the project and afterwards on Promote user to PA. This needs to be approved on the next screen. Afterwards the email will be sent to the future PA automatically.


JSC User Administration (Dispatch)
Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Forschungszentrum Jülich
52425 Jülich Germany

Phone: 02461 61-5642


SC-Support Team
Phone: 02461 61-2828