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JUSUF User Info

The following articles provide information on how to use the JUSUF cluster for interactive and batch jobs.

JUSUF Cluster Partition:

Quick IntroductionEssential information on how to login to JUSUF cluster and compile, write batch scripts and submit jobs
AccessLists more detailed information about login
EnvironmentLists more detailed information about user environment
Batch SystemAdditional information about the batch system in addition to the Quick Introduction page
Compile and ExecuteInformation about programm compilation for novice users
Processor AffinityInformation about process binding on JUSUF compute nodes
MPMDInformation about the Multiple Program Multiple Data execution model on JUSUF
GPU ComputingInformation about the GPU accelerated compute nodes in JUSUF
Data TransferInformation about efficient data transfer methods
GPFS FilesystemsInformation about the supporting GPFS filesystems, backup, restore, usage, limits
Parallel Debugging and Performance Analysis Information about debugging and performance analysis of parallel applications on JSC machines
AccountingCPU quota schema, job accounting and status querying
Heterogeneous and Cross-Module JobsInformation about heterogeneous and cross-module jobs on JUSUF

JUSUF Cloud Partition:

Quick IntroductionEssencial information on the JUSUF cloud and how to access
Accessing the CloudDetailed information on how to access the cloud

Global Information:

Known IssuesKnown Issues on JUSUF
MaintenanceDescription of maintenance regulations