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UFTP Service

UFTP is a data streaming library and file transfer tool. It is integrated into UNICORE, allowing to transfer data from client to server (and vice versa), to sync files, and to list directories, as well as providing data staging between UFTP-enabled UNICORE sites.

UFTP can also be used independently from UNICORE, requiring an authentication server and a standalone UFTP client. You can install the standalone client in your desktop and use it for copying data from or to the file systems of the Supercomputers. See here for detailed information about how to install the client and use it. The latest version is available for download here.

Once installed, you need to know the authentication server and its port, these are:

  • Authentication server:
  • Port: 9112

Please make sure that you have SSH access to JUDAC. If not, then you'll have to first upload your SSH Public key via JuDoor.


Get information about the remote server:

$ uftp info -u <username> u

Listing remote directory:

$ uftp ls -u <username> u<home_at_judac>

Copying data from my home directory in JUDAC to my local directory:

$ uftp cp -u <username> u<home_at_judac>/testfile /local_dir/testfile100MB

The <username> in the above examples should be your JuDoor user name.