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Simulation Laboratory Nuclear and Particle Physics

With CaSToRC, The Cyprus Institute and DESY, Zeuthen

Through active research, the SimLab “Nuclear and Particle Physics” builds and provides expertise on present and future supercomputing architectures with a particular emphasis on applications in the fields of theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics. Its research program encompasses both, fundamental physics topics and algorithmic developments. A particular focus of active research is Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics, which allows for ab initio simulations of the strong force of the Standard Model of elementary particle physics.


  • Perform original research within the field, including collaborations with other user-groups
  • Offer high-level technical expertise to the scientific community
  • Develop and evaluate simulation algorithms for present and future HPC architectures
  • Evaluate potential HPC architectures
  • Organize (“hands-on”) workshops for code development and optimization with particular emphasis on scalability

Partnering SimLab sites:

CaSToRC, The Cyprus InstituteDESY, Zeuthen