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This project will develop HPC systems from today's energy-efficient solutions used in embedded and mobile devices. As of today, the CPUs of these devices are mostly designed by ARM. However, ARM processors have not been designed for HPC, and ARM chips have never been used in HPC systems before, leading to a number of significant challenges.


GASPI - Global Address Space Programming Interface

The goal of the GASPI project is to develop a suitable programming tool for the wider HPC-Community by defining a standard with a reliable basis for future developments through the PGAS-API of Fraunhofer ITWM. Furthermore, an implementation of the standard as a highly portable open source library will be available. The standard will also define interfaces for performance analysis, for which tools will be developed in the project.

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EIC - Exascale Innovation Center

Exascale Innovation Center - will develop hardware and software for an exascale supercomputer by the end of this decade. Five scientists from the IBM development laboratory in Böblingen and five scientists from Jülich will be collaborating with a team of scientists at the IBM Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights. The goal is to install an exascale-class system in Jülich by 2019.



The project SPUTNIK aims at bridging the gap between molecular simulation and experiments studying the structure and dynamics of proteins and to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics-function relationship of proteins. The experimental techniques primarily referred to in the context of the project are thermal neutron scattering, NMR spectroscopy and X-ray crystallography.


EESI - European Exascale Software Initiative

The objective of EESI is to build a european vision and roadmap to address the challenges of the new generation of massively parallel systems composed of millions of heterogeneous cores which will provide multi-Petaflop performances in the next few years and Exaflop performances in 2020.


ESMI - European Soft Matter Infrastructure

The central objective of ESMI is to create a top-level interdisciplinary research infrastructure available to a broad European soft matter research community. The availability of such an infrastructure will provide soft matter scientists with a broad choice of techniques to address their scientific objectives. Furthermore, ESMI will strongly contribute to a fundamental understanding, allowing the development of new, tailored smart materials.

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ScaFaCoS - Scalable Fast Coulomb Solver

ScaFaCoS is a network project of German research groups working on a unified parallel library for various methods to solve electrostatic (and gravitational) problems in large particle simulations.

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STRASS - Simulation von TRAnsportprozessen in Stochastisch generierten Strukturen

The project deals with 3D analysis, modelling and simulation of micro-structures and transport processes in fibre-based porous material.