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Newsletter "JSC News" 2019

"JSC News" ist der monatliche Newsletter des Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Er enthält Ankündigungen zu neuer Hardware, Software, Forschungsthemen, Projekten und Veranstaltungen im Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Der Newsletter erscheint auf Englisch. Wenn Sie den Newsletter per E-Mail erhalten möchten, schicken Sie bitte eine E-Mail ohne Inhalt an und bestätigen anschließend die Registrierung.

Die E-Mail-Version ist stets im "JSC News"-Archiv zu finden.


JSC News 2019
 JSC News No. 268, December 2019 (PDF, 720 kB) Quantum Computing at JSC
B2SHARE Accepted as Data Repository for Nature Publications
NIC Excellence Projects November 2019
New GCS Large-Scale Projects in November 2019
End-of-Year Colloquium at JSC
 JSC News No. 267, September 2019 (PDF, 683 kB) Pilot Lab Exascale Earth System Modelling
‘Oumuamua – Outer Space’s Short Visit to Our Solar System
HAICU Local at FZJ: JSC and INM-1 Cooperating on Machine and Deep Learning
Memorandum of Understanding with Transmission System Operator TenneT
PRACE Summer of HPC Students at JSC
JSC Collaborator Prof. Dietrich Stauffer Has Passed Away
 JSC News No. 266, June 2019 (PDF, 679 kB) Open Day at JSC
JSC @ ISC 2019
6th PRACE Implementation Phase Project
High-Performance Computing for Neuroscience: Hands-on Introduction to Supercomputing Usage, Tools and Applications
ON4OFF Project – Artificial Intelligence to Support Regional Retailers
 JSC News No. 265, May 2019 (PDF, 680 kB) Earth System Modelling Symposium
Data Projects Started at JSC
JSC at the 9th JLESC Workshop
News from the NIC Scientific Council
NIC Excellence Project – May 2019
New GCS Large-Scale Projects in May
 JSC News No. 264, March 2019 (PDF, 679 kB) Forschungszentrum Jülich’s NOx Plotter
HPC Optimisation and Scaling Workshop
CECAM Events 2019 at Jülich
New Map of the Sky Published
 JSC News No. 263, February 2019 (PDF, 621 kB) JSC has Major Role in Second Round of Centres of Excellence
Guest Student Programme 2019
EPI Project: Building European Processor Technologies
JSC Extends Efforts to Bring HPC to Energy Systems Modelling: METIS Project
DeepRain: Machine Learning Methods for Precipitation Forecasts
Graphics Package IDL: Frozen state
Awards for Bachelor's and Master's Students


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