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JSC News 2011

"JSC News" ist der monatliche Newsletter des Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Der Newsletter erscheint seit Dezember 2007 auf Englisch.


JSC News 2011
 JSC News No. 200, December 2011 (PDF, 32 kB) Exascale Project DEEP Started
NIC Symposium 2012
Winter School on Hierarchical Methods for Dynamics
Looking Back on SC11
PhD Student Seminar on Fluid Dynamics
 JSC News No. 199, November 2011 (PDF, 31 kB) 50 Years ZAM/JSC
Open Day at JSC
Exascale Software Efforts Continue
International Workshop SMQS-IP2011
Next PRACE and DECI Calls
 JSC News No. 198, October 2011 (PDF, 33 kB) Jülich LOFAR Station Opened
JSC Participates in Mont-Blanc
JSC at SC11 in Seattle
CECAM Summer School in Retrospect
PRACE-1IP and PRACE-2IP Meetings
Prof. Rollnik Passed Away
 JSC News No. 197, September 2011 (PDF, 32 kB) Access to US Supercomputers via UNICORE
Tape Library Expansion to 80 PB
Nu-FuSE Project Launched
EUDAT – Data as an Infrastructure
CBSB11 in Retrospect
MATSE: Exams Passed, New Course Started
 JSC News No. 196, July 2011 (PDF, 31 kB) International Workshop SMQS-IP2011
CECAM-Jülich Summer School
ISC11 in Retrospect
Foundation of BUX
Creation of the European Technology Platform on HPC
European Lustre Workshop 2011
 JSC News No. 195, May 2011 (PDF, 35 kB) News from the NIC Scientific Council
NIC Excellence Projects 2011
High Demand for Supercomputer Resources
On the Origin of Carbon-Based Life
New PRACE Calls for Proposals – Tier-0 and DECI
 JSC News No. 194, April 2011 (PDF, 31 kB) New NIC Research Group in Jülich
Workshop CBSB 2011
Three New SimLabs at JSC
HPC Enables Knowledge Mining
New Group for Application-Oriented Technology Development
 JSC News No. 193, March 2011 (PDF, 31 kB) Blue Gene Extreme Scaling Workshop 2011
Visitors from Cyprus at Forschungszentrum Jülich
Guest Student Programme 2011 – Call for Application
HPC and Data Concept of the HGF to be Developed
eHumanities Apply JSC Service Developments
 JSC News No. 192, February 2011 (PDF, 33 kB) JSC at CeBIT 2011
HOPSA Project Launched
Foundation of European Open File System Society
New GPU Cluster JUDGE
Call for Projects
Carsten Karbach: Germany’s Best MATSE Trainee

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