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JSC News 2010

"JSC News" ist der monatliche Newsletter des Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Der Newsletter erscheint seit Dezember 2007 auf Englisch.


JSC News 2010
 JSC News No. 191, December 2010 (PDF, 32 kB) Jülich Becomes CECAM Node
SC10 in Retrospect
Bernd Mohr Now on SC Steering Committee
Double Honour for MATSEs
H4H Project Launched
End of Year Colloquium 2010
 JSC News No. 190, November 2010 (PDF, 32 kB) ITEA Gold Award for ParMA
The LinkSCEEM-2 Project
Leaky Light Sail Route to High-Quality Proton Beams
PRACE Awards New Research Projects
Next PRACE Call
SmartLM Final Review
Breakthrough in Grid Computing: Radio Pulsar Discovered Using D-Grid Clusters
 JSC News No. 189, October 2010 (PDF, 33 kB) Blue Gene/P Scaling Workshop 2011
Heraeus Summer School
Best Paper Award at ICPP 2010 Conference
New 100 Gigabit/s Ethernet Successfully Tested between JSC and KIT
JSC at SC10 in New Orleans
 JSC News No. 188, September 2010 (PDF, 32 kB) PRACE Early Access Projects Granted
New Work File System on JUGENE
Kick-off for PRACE-1IP
EU Exascale Project TEXT Launched
First MATSEs Complete their Training
New MATSE and Bachelor’s Course Started
 JSC News No. 187, July 2010 (PDF, 32 kB) Heraeus Summer School at JSC
Application for Computing Time
QPACE – Still No. 1 on the GREEN500
Improved Parallel Application Support in UNICORE 6.3.0
Rescue Disks for Malware-Infected PCs
Vacancies at JSC
 JSC News No. 186, June 2010 (PDF, 33 kB) PRACE Inaugurated
ExaCluster Laboratory Launched
Final DECI Call
1st SimLab Porting Workshop
ParMA project successfully completed
 JSC News No. 185, May 2010 (PDF, 31 kB) PRACE Early Access Call
News from NIC Scientific Council
NIC Excellence Project 2010
Successful UNICORE Summit 2010
New Board of the UNICORE Forum e.V. Elected
Achim Streit Appointed Professor at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
 JSC News No. 184, April 2010 (PDF, 32 kB) Towards 1018 – Foundation of Exascale Innovation Center
Blue Gene Extreme Scaling Workshop 2010
Armin Seyfried Appointed Professor at Bergische Universität Wuppertal
UNICORE Summit 2010
1st SimLab Porting Workshop
 JSC News No. 183, March 2010 (PDF, 31 kB) DOE-funded Projects Launched at JSC
Jülich-Chernogolovka Seminar
PRACE Scientific Steering Committee Workshop
Enormous Demand for Computing Time
NIC Symposium 2010
Master in Technomathematics Well Established
 JSC News No. 182, February 2010 (PDF, 32 kB) Application for Computing Time
Guest Student Programme 2010
C2A2S2E and JSC Cooperate to Create "Digital Aircraft"
LOFAR Antenna Array in Jülich
German-Israeli Cooperation: 24th Umbrella Symposium in Jülich
EU Project FIT4Green
 JSC News No. 181, January 2010 (PDF, 33 kB) PRACE: Ready for Implementation
Blue Gene/P Scaling Workshop 2010
NIC Symposium 2010
DEISA Extreme Computing Initiative – Call for Proposals 2010
New Sections in IAS

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