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Safety Policy

When starting work at HNF and therefore at the Research Centre there is one top priority for every new member of staff: proper instruction about safety and health protection at the place of work. This is required by the law on occupational safety. You are therefore obliged to thoroughly understand and carefully apply the information given to you by your superiors and by FZJ. After all, this concerns nothing less than your own health and safety and that of your new colleagues. The instruction for new members of staff is divided into two parts.

1. First General Instruction on the Intranet

On the FZJ intranet, the site of the Occupational Safety Department is at, where you will find (under "Wissen - Filme, Infos,...") safety information for new members of staff in German and English (either as a PowerPoint presentation or a pdf file to be printed out). There you will find basic rules and regulations on how to prevent accidents at work and how to protect yourself against work-related health hazards. Furthermore, a summary is also given of what to do in case of danger. You have to confirm that you have read and understood this initial information with your signature on your employment or user contract.
If you have any questions on the content of the General First Instruction please contact the Occupational Safety Department.

2. First Instruction Concerning Your Place of Work at HNF

This instruction must also be given before you begin work, if there are any changes in your responsibilities, or if new equipment or technology is introduced. These instructions must be adapted to the development of hazards and must be repeated if necessary. The first instruction at your place of work must be documented and signed by you. The instruction will be given by your superior. Please contact the HNF Manager immediately when you commence so that this instruction can be given.

Persons with a body size below 1.60 m cannot work alone on the wet benches. They need an assistant!

Quality and safety Group

The HNF quality and safety group (HNF-QS) improves the policies, HNF User Manual, trainings, etc. All individuals are asked to report incidents, near misses, and unsafe acts they encounter or observe while working at the HNF. (Email or safety concern report)
It is a NO FAULT incident reporting policy, which implies that the person being reported is not at fault for his/her actions. It is not intended to criticize or 'pick on' any person. The purpose of this policy is to bring to the attention of the Safety Committee such incidents in order for the committee to recommend corrective actions to prevent similar or more catastrophic incidents from happening and to initiate new policies to deal with new hazards.
Safety incident forms are available in the clean room or online (see downloads”)

Emergency Procedures


  • If there is an evacuation alarm, immediately leave the HNF and the building. Meet outside the central library.
  • If you are in the clean room when the alarm occurs, Do NOT remove your bunny suit. Immediately leave the area and meet outside the central library.


  • All injuries should be reported immediately to a HNF staff member/superior and ambulance.
  • Phone 77 and request guidance. The ambulance will inform you about the further procedure and decide whether an ambulance or examinations at the company medical officer are necessary.
  • Every user is expected to cease work to assist an injured worker.
  • An incident report must be completed.

Facility Status Lights

  • Flashing Light: Evacuate the HNF – immediately leave the HNF and the building. Meet outside the central library.

General Safety Regulations of the Forschungszentrum Jülich