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Red Carding

Three Strikes and You’re Out!

The policy is a ‘three strikes and you’re out policy’. Once a user has access removed, the user has to reapply and begin training again. They will also be placed on probation until they have proven that they will not be a problem in the facility. To ensure that a user knows how many strikes (demerits) they have, a letter describing the violation will be sent to them and to their supervisor. Any users who have their access revoked can appeal to the HNF Management Office.
This policy is not to punish people who are learning and make mistakes or occasional lapses in judgment. These are understandable and it is part of the learning process. Nor will the user be written up if the problem shows a ‘hole’ in our policy. The point of this policy is to deal with users that consistently put their needs and desires above the safe and efficient operation of the facility.
All policies and guidelines are subject to revision dependent on HNF procedural changes. Be aware of new or changing guidelines. Please encourage safety and proper lab usage among the other lab users and report any violations to the HNF staff. Violations may be safety or non-safety related.

Demerit Offense

  • Consistent violation of clean room protocols
  • Consistent violation of safety policies
  • Intimidation of other users (taking over lab space, damaging other user’s devices, etc)
  • Damaging equipment by not following procedures after sufficient training, or making unauthorized modifications to the equipment
  • Using equipment without the proper training sign off
  • Abusing access time policy

First Offense

The user will receive a verbal warning from the HNF Manager indicating the protocol violation

Second Offense

The HNF Management Office will send an email to the user and copy the users’ supervisor indicating the offense and the fact that it is a second warning.

Third Offense

HNF Office will inform the institute director and you are expelled from the HNF.

“Red Carding” (short term suspension)

The Red Card policy is for situations where a user refuses to immediately deal with a safety or process issue that has been pointed out to them by a HNF staff member. If this occurs, the technical chief has the right to l ask the user to clean up their process and immediately leave the facility.
The staff member and the HNF Manager will determine when the user can return to the facility (a 1 day to 2 week maximum suspension). An email will be sent to the user’s supervisor and the user outlining the issue. A face-to-face meeting between the user, their supervisor and the HNF Manager will be arranged.
If you see a user working unsafely or violating a HNF policy, inform the staff. Remember, reporting an unsafe situation is NOT ‘ratting’ out a fellow user. You are ensuring a safe facility where the equipment you require is not being damaged. The HNF staff is not always available to police the operation of the facility.