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Annual Safety Training / HNF Cleanroom Exam:

Each user has to do the annual safety training once a year. The online version consists of a lecture and a test you have to pass. You may repeat the test as often as you like. If you pass, your general safety clearance for HNF is extended for one year. Unless your behavior gives reason to withdrawa or you did not work in the cleanroom for three months in a row. In both cases you are asked to repeat the test. To do the exam you need access to the online booking system.

An advice: Read the text of the questions carefully before answering. Each question has an individual number of points; you have to reach 90% of the overall number of points to pass the test.

Important: After passing the test, the system will send you a mail with the result. Please sign the appended form and send the signed original document to the HNF office or throw it into the HNF letterbox within 2 weeks. In case we do not have the signed document your account will be blocked.

Good luck!