Materials Science and Technology (ER-C-2)

The activities at ER-C-2 aim at providing an atomic-level understanding of structures, properties and fundamental mechanisms in structural, functional and electronic materials. A specific focus is placed on systems for energy harvesting, energy conversion and energy storage. Further fields of application include high-strength steels, lightweight materials for transportation, functional interfaces in composites and biomaterials and their technological counterparts.

Head: Prof. Dr. Joachim Mayer

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European Research Infrastructures as Key Resources for the Five Horizon Europe Missions

Moon-shot missions,such as those of Horizon Europe, require exceptional solutions. The world-leading Analytical Research Infrastructures of Europe (ARIEs) are among the most important research facilities where these solutions can be sought.


PICO 2021

The Sixth Conference on Frontiers of Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy is scheduled to take place in spring 2021. Due to ongoing restrictions in connection with the Corona Pandemic, the format might be changed to an online conference. The conference will again address recent advances in methods and applications for the study of solids in condensed matter research and the life sciences by the application of advanced electron microscopy techniques.


ER-C for External Users

Access to the ER-C’s facilities is provided on the basis of peer-reviewed applications. Please contact our User Office for further information.

Gemeinschaftslabor für Elektronenmikroskopie

Central Facility for Electron Microscopy (GFE)

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