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Physics of Nanoscale Systems (ER-C-1) / Microstructure Research (PGI-5)

Our research aims at developing new techniques in electron microscopy and applying them to challenging problems in condensed matter physics and chemistry, including in situ studies of the functional properties of working nanoelectronic and spintronic devices and real-time studies of chemical reactions at the highest spatial resolution.

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Image About ER-C-2

Materials Science and Technology (ER-C-2)

We aim at providing an atomic level understanding of fundamental physical properties of structural and functional materials. Applications range from modern steels to novel computer memories and include low-dimensional materials as well as hybrids between hard and soft matter. Interdisciplinary activities focus on materials for energy harvesting, storage and conversion.

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Research cryomicroscopy

Structural Biology (ER-C-3)

We study the structural biology of essential cellular processes using electron cryo-microscopy (cryo-EM) as our central experimental tool.

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