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Method development

Software development

Method-developmentDr. Probe Light user interface showing a partially coherent probe on the right.
Copyright: FZ Jülich, ER-C

Scientists in the ER-C develop software for electron microscopy and spectroscopy.

Available software includes:

(S)TEM/STM simulation software:

Cryo-EM software:

Custom-made TEM hardware components

Method-developmentTest chamber for instrumentation development
Copyright: FZ Jülich, ER-C

New instrumentation that is not available commercially is developed in collaboration with academic and corporate partners. Our technical staff advise and support scientists to develop innovative solutions based on feasibility studies.

A wide spectrum of new instruments is developed and constructed on site, including:

  • TEM sample holders and cartridges
  • TEM aperture holders with electrical contacts
  • FIB flip stages for needles and chips
  • SEM sample stages with electrical contacts
  • A copy of a TEM octagon for testing custom-made sample holders and apertures
  • Mounting, assembly and storage systems for TEM sample and aperture holders
  • A pumping station for TEM sample holders