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Central Institute for Engineering, Electronics and Analytics (ZEA)

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ZEA-3 offers solutions for your complex analytical tasks

We, the co-workers of ZEA-3, feel ourselves responsible for providing analytical support on the state of the art knowledge to the challenges of the research centre. The support is supplied in fields that are

  • of interest for typically a longer period in time and for more than one research project,
  • need a high degree of knowledge in analytical questions,
  • and often needs high investment in instrumentation, buildings etc.

Currently ZEA-3 is focused on three major fields:

  • determination of element concentration independent of matrix an concentration of interest,
  • complete characterization of surface and layer systems,
  • structure and composition of organic substances in various samples.

All work in the ZEA-3 is strongly related to the topics of research in Jülich and we try to support the centre with current scientific quality and highest possible efficiency. Therefore we continuously improve our knowledge.

We are committed to efficiency with and the quality of our work at a level of certified laboratories we want to contribute to the overall success of Jülich.

identification, quantification, localization - analytical methodsidentification, quantification, localization - analytical methods