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Central Institute for Engineering, Electronics and Analytics (ZEA)

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Solutions and Method development

Offers by the ZEA-3

Together with our customers we develop solutions for many analytical problems including the necessary method development:

What? – Identification

• Elements in different matrices
• Structure elucidation of organic compounds
• Elements and molecules on surfaces
• Structures of inorganic compounds

How much? – Quantification

• Organic Components in mixtures
• Ions in solution
• Elements in different matrices (trace to main elements)
• Isotopic ratios
• Elements on surfaces

Where? – Localization

• Imaging with μm and sub-μm spatial resolution
• Elements on surfaces/in layers and at layer boundaries
• Molecules on surfaces – space and orientation
• Isotopes on surfaces/in layers and at layer boundaries

We offer:

• Advisory survice for all analytical questions
• Solutions for your complex analytical problems
• Execution of many different analytical procedures
• Development of novel procedures and methods for application in your or our institution