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National Open Access Contact Point (OA2020-DE) – Data Office

A project within the Priority Initiative “Digital Information” of the Alliance of German Scientific Organisations

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What are the goals of the project?
Who is involved in the project?
What are the tasks of the data office?
What resources are used?

What are the goals of the project?

The Alliance of German Scientific Organisations has established a National Open Access Contact Point (OA2020-DE) for Germany as part of the Digital Information initiative. The aim of the project is to create conditions for the large-scale implementation of the open access transformation of scientific journals. This transformation means changing the way electronic journals are distributed: from today’s subscription model towards an open access model in future. This objective overlaps with the DEAL project, which is also supported by the alliance. As part of the international network of national open access contact points, which is currently being established, OA2020-DE cooperates closely with German universities, non-university research institutions, and consortia.
OA2020-DE – NOAK – National Open Access Contact Point (in German, relevant news in English)
OA2020-DE – NOAK – Project aims (in German)
Projekt DEAL – Nationwide licensing of services offered by major scientific publishers – about DEAL
OA2020 – The Initiative

Who is involved in the project?

Bielefeld University Library (UB) and the Central Library of Forschungszentrum Jülich (ZB) lead the OA2020-DE project together and are supported by a project group. UB Bielefeld is responsible for conception, communication, and public relations, while ZB is in charge of data collection and bibliometrics. The members of the project group working on content and control of the project activities are representatives of important German scientific institutions.
OA2020-DE – NOAK – Projektorganisation (in German)

National Open Access Contact Point (OA2020-DE) – Data OfficeCopyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich

What are the tasks of the data office?

  • The data office drafts and programs a database supporting the chief negotiators of the scientific institutions during their negotiations with the publishers.
  • Data on national and international publication output and usage are imported from external sources and, if necessary, standardized for an accurate allocation of different spelling variants of the institutions, publishers, and journals.
  • The standardized data and cost information on procurement, licensing, and fees for publications in journals are summarized per time unit.
  • This results in a portal providing access to the necessary key figures and tiered rights management.

What resources are used?

Both existing systems and systems being established are used for the OA2020-DE project:
OpenAPC – The Open APC initiative
LAS:eR – Lizenz-Administrations-System für elektronische Ressourcen (in German)
Statistikserver – Aufbereitung und Bereitstellung von Nutzungsstatistiken elektronischer Ressourcen (in German)
Competence Centre for Bibliometrics – Data infrastructure
BASE – Bielefeld Academic Search Engine – Content sources
Entwicklung eines Klassifikationsschemas (Banding) für die Informationsbeschaffung für wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen in Deutschland (in German)

Deputy project leader:
Dr. Bernhard Mittermaier
Email: b.mittermaier(at)
Tel: 02461 61-5368
Head of the Central Library

Data office:
Philipp Pollack
Email: p.pollack (at)
Tel: 02461 61-2141
Administration of the Central Library