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Installing JuLib eXtended as a Browser Add-On

ZB has made it even more comfortable to search the JuLib eXtended information portal – directly from your Internet browser: with the add-on LibX, you can directly access all of ZB’s information resources.

In addition to searching JuLib eXtended, access is available to many other Portals, such as PubMed, Inspire, Base, the Common Union Catalogue (GVK), Wikipedia, Beolingus, Leo, and Linguee. You can also search for a DOI or PubMedID (PMID) using the add-on.
An additional functionality means that your browser shows DOIs, ISSNs, ISBNs, and PMIDs as links to the respective resource.

LibX Project

Download for Firefox and Google Chrome

Opens new window

Opens new window

The language of LibX depends on the language settings of your browser.

Installation example: Firefox 37.0.2

1. Administrator rights are not required for the installation in Firefox and Google Chrome. Please click on the relevant download button above.

2. Your browser will ask you for authorization to install the add-on.

JuLib eXtended - Browser Add-On LibX

3. A security warning will be displayed, with an option for installation. Please click on install.

JuLib eXtended - Browser Add-On LibX

4. An icon with the logo of Forschungszentrum Jülich will be displayed in your browser menu. This is your access to LibX.

JuLib eXtended - Browser Add-On LibX

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