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Head of the Aquisitions Section (ZB-L)

Irene Barbers

Room: 238 (ground floor)
Tel: +49 2461 61-2298
Email: i.barbers (at)

  • Head of the Acquisitions section (ZB-L)
    Licence management, document delivery
  • Head of the Licence Management team (ZB-LL)
  • Acquisition of databases
  • Acquisition of journals
  • Licensing
  • Electronic resource management (usage statistics for electronic media)
  • Electronic journals library – JuLib eXtended information portal
  • Specialized information management: library science

Dr. Claudia Frick

Dr. Claudia Frick

Room: 237 (ground floor)
Tel: +49 2461 61-6206
Email: c.frick (at)

  • Head of the Acquisitions section (ZB-L)
    Scientific publishing
  • Head of the Scientific Publishing team (ZB-LP)
  • Specialized information management: computer sciences, engineering sciences, materials research, mathematics, physics
  • JuSER publications portal
  • Open-Access cooperations
  • User training
  • Literature searches
  • Patent searches

Head of the Document Delivery Team (ZB-LD)

Marina Kleikamp

Room: 256 (ground floor)
Tel: +49 2461 61-5362
Email: m.kleikamp (at)

  • Head of the Document Delivery team (ZB-LD)
  • Services for institute libraries
  • ZB contact for trainees and work placements
  • ZB quality management

Staff of the Acquisitions Section (ZB-L)

Informationsportal JuLib eXtended+49 2461 61-6132
+49 2461 61-6208
w.hinz (at)
h.schmiedicke (at)

Waldemar Hinz

Room: 248 (ground floor)
Tel: +49 2461 61-6132
Email: w.hinz (at)

  • System administration
  • Development and technical support for JuLib eXtended information portal
  • Technical support for Symphony integrated library system
  • ZB network
  • Supervision of trainee mathematical-technical software developers (MATSE)
  • IT officer (ITB)

Heidi Schmiedicke

Heidi Schmiedicke

Room: 249 (ground floor)
Tel: +49 2461 61-6208
Email: h.schmiedicke (at)

  • Administration of Symphony integrated library system
  • SFX administration
  • Technical and content support for JuLib eXtended information portal
  • Supervision of trainee specialists in media and information services (FAMI)