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Technical Infrastructure

We are always looking for qualified engineers from various fields of expertise, as well as architects, computer scientists, mathematical-technical software developers, technicians, laboratory technicians, and fire fighters to operate and further optimize our scientific and technical infrastructure.

We offer outstanding facilities, many and varied science-related tasks, a variety of projects, and the opportunity to acquire special expertise in the scientific field.

Examples of jobs in this area

As a mathematical-technical software developer, you are in charge of our IT servers, develop and refine concepts for our system software, configure hardware, and are responsible for the central backup and archiving environment.

As an engineer at the Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics, you develop and build complex experimental set-ups for cutting-edge research, for example research with neutrons, in close cooperation with scientists.

As a laboratory technician, you are responsible for the maintenance, service, and commissioning of experimental facilities as well as the procurement and allocation of the necessary materials. You are also in charge of giving instructions on how to handle and operate processes, devices, and facilities to employees and visiting scientists. All of this requires close contact with scientists, engineers, and doctoral researchers.

As a fire fighter, you participate in the emergency services and rescue operations of our Works Fire Brigade, and in the control centre, you mobilize fire fighters and fire engines to incidents. You work in the fire protection workshop, provide maintenance for firefighting equipment, and are involved in preventive fire protection on campus.

Vacancies for young professionals