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Jülich’s End-of-Year Lecture 2019

230 years of battery research: From twitching frog legs to high-performance e-mobility and efficient energy storage

26 Nov 2019 18:00
26 Nov 2019 22:00
North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts

Batteries provide us and the world around us with power – they start our cars, make our clocks and watches tick, and ensure that we can take photos anywhere we want with our smartphones.
In this year’s keynote lecture, Prof. Martin Winter will take us back more than 230 years to the origins of these indispensable “power packs”: to Luigi Galvani and his experiments that made dead frogs' legs twitch. Even at that time, an important role was played by what was later to become the lifeblood of every battery: the electrolyte. In Galvani’s experiments, it was the salty fluid in the frog legs. In his lecture, the internationally renowned scientist will not only look at past developments up to now starting with Alessandro Volta's first-ever usable battery and taking us right up to today's button cells, rechargeable batteries, and e-mobility. He will also report on what is happening today and what is expected in the near future as researchers design and produce novel, high-performance battery cells.

The lecture will be in German with simultaneous interpretation into English.