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3D Printers in Engineering & Design, PGI/JCNS-TA

Filament printer BCN3D Sigmax R19


Process: FDM
Print range: 400x290x200mm
Max. print temperature: 280°C
Max. print bed temperature: 100°C
Printable material: ABS, PLA, PETG
Nozzle diameter:  0,6mm
Recommended layer height:0,3mm
Scope:Components with low demands on accuracy or tightness of fit
(e.g. housings for electronic components)

SLA Printer Elegoo Mars Pro


Process: SLA (LCD)
Print range: 125x80x160mm
XY resolution: 0,05mm
Layer height:   0,01mm-0,2mm (standard 0,05mm)
Printable materials: Formfutura heavy duty-resin, Elegoo ABS-like resin
Scope Components and small batches with high accuracy, level of detail, density (liquid-tight) and load
(e.g. sample holder with integrated cooling line)

SLA Printer Formlabs Form 3L


Process: SLA (LFYS)
Fertigungsvolumen (B×T×H): 335×200×300 mm
XY resolution:0,025mm
Laser spot size: 0,085mm
Layer thickness:0,025–0,3mm
Printable materials:Standard Resin (white, grey, black, clear),
Durable Resin (similar to PE),
Tough 2000 Resin (similar to ABS),
Rigid 10k (with a high glass content),
Flexible 80A
Scope:Larger components and small batches
(e.g. prototypes, jigs, fixtures, gears, industrial parts, seals)

Form Wash and Form Cure for finishing the LCD/SLA printed components


Form Wash:Automatic cleaning in an alcohol bath (isopropanol) to remove resin residues on the printed component
Form Cure: Professional curing of the printed parts using LEDs to achieve the optimum material property


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