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KoalaDrive® - Compact Nanopositioner for Scanning Probe Microscopy

The key technology in our products is a new piezoelectric nanopositioner called KoalaDrive®


  • Compact dimensions down to 2.5 mm diameter and 10 mm length

  • UHV, cryogenic, magnetic field compatible

  • Smooth travel, no shaking

  • Pulling/pushing force: up to 0.3 N

  • Single step size: 100 nm - 5 μm, stroke: several mm


The KoalaDrive® consists of two tube piezo elements mounted in series. The central tube is held by springs which are attached to the ends of the piezo tubes. The working principle of the KoalaDrive® is shown in the following movie.



The operating principle of the KoalaDrive® is demonstrated in the movie. It is based on the simple principle: "Two are stronger than one"

  • If only one spring moves, the tube is fixed by the other two
  • If two springs move simultaneously, the central tube moves together with them



Real time SEM movie shows the motion of a tip attached to the central tube of the KoalaDrive®. The movie shows two steps back and forth, each with 5 μm motion.



Real time movie showing the motion of the KoalaDrive® on a larger scale (tube diameter 0.7 mm). The individual steps can not be resolved on this scale. The maximum speed of the travel is 1 mm/s.


The KoalaDrive® allows very flexible solutions. If a short length of the KoalaDrive® is required, an alternative design with two piezo tubes stacked into each other can be chosen.

More information can be found also in this publication and on the website of our spin-off company mprobes