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Low Temperature Scanning Probe Microscopy

Low temperature scanning probe microscopy

Nanoscale studies of quantum matter at ultra-low temperatures.

Group leader: Prof. Dr. Ruslan Temirov

Multitip scanning probe microscopy

Multitip scanning probe microscopy

Charge transport in quantum materials such as topological insulators and novel 2D materials.

Group leader: Prof. Dr. Bert Voigtländer

Molecular Manipulation

Molecular manipulation

Single molecule fabrication with scanning probe microscopy, combined with virtual reality, molecular simulations, robotics and machine learning.

Group leader (ERC Starting grant): Dr. Christian Wagner

Atomic and Molecular Spin Systems

Atomic and molecular spin systems

Spin moments interacting with each other and the environment.

Group leader (Heisenberg Professor at RWTH Aachen University): Prof. Dr. Markus Ternes

Diffraction methods and electron microscopy

Diffraction methods and electron microscopy

Growth, interaction phenomena and interface structures in reciprocal and real space.

Group leader: Prof. Dr. Christian Kumpf

Photoemission tomography

Photoemission tomography

Observing the unobservable: imaging molecular orbitals in reciprocal space.

Investigator: Dr. Sergey Subach

Electron spectroscopy

Electron spectroscopy

Intense high-resolution monochromatic electron sources.

Investigator: Dr. François C. Bocquet

Layered quantum systems

Layered quantum systems

Two-dimensional materials and proximity effects in van der Waals heterostructures.

Investigator: Dr. Felix Lüpke

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