Photoemission tomography

The electronic wave functions of molecules, the orbitals, can be imaged in momentum space with photoemission tomography. With its help, we investigate the electronic structure and the chemical state of adsorbed molecules in detail, and even “observe the unobservable”: the complete quantum mechanical wave function including its phase can be reconstructed from photoemission tomographs.

Investigator: Dr. Sergey Subach

Anja Haags, M.Sc.

Dr. Sergey Subach

Toroidal electron analyser

Toroidal electron analyser

For photoemission tomography experiments we run a unique toroidal electron analyser, located permanently at the Metrological Light Source (MLS) of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Berlin.

Electronic and chemical state of organic molecules

Electronic and chemical properties of organic molecules

Over the last years and in collaboration with our colleagues at Karl-Franzens Universtiy in Graz we have developed photoemission tomography into a powerful technique that provides direct access to the orbital structure of molecules (in particular of frontier orbitals that determine the electronic, optical and chemical properties of molecules) and thus helps revealing electronic and chemical states of molecules at surfaces.

Reconstructing the molecular wave functions

Reconstructing molecular wave functions

Based on photoemission tomography, we have developed a technique to reconstruct the real-space probability amplitude density of molecular orbitals including their quantum mechanical phase.