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Selected Publications

Stefan Blügel

10 most important papers:

  1.  Ground States of Constrained Systems: Application to Cerium Impurities (PDF, 616 kB)
    P. H. Dederichs, S. Blügel, R. Zeller, and H. Akai,
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 53, 2512 (1984).

  2. Theory of Hyperfine Interactions in Metals
    H. Akai, M. Akai, S. Blügel, B. Drittler, H. Ebert, K. Terakura, R. Zeller, and P. H. Dederichs,
    Prog. Theo. Phys. (Suppl) 101, 11 (1990).

  3.  Real-Space Imaging of Antiferromagnetism on the Atomic Scale (PDF, 479 kB)
    S. Heinze, M. Bode, A. Kubetzka, O. Pietzsch, X. Nie, S. Blügel, and R. Wiesendanger,
    Science 288, 1805 (2000).

  4.  Ab initio treatment of non-collinear magnets with the full-potential linearized augmented planewave method (PDF, 522 kB)
    Ph. Kurz, F. Förster, L. Nordström, G. Bihlmayer, and S. Blügel,
    Phys. Rev. B 69, 024415 (2004).

  5.  Strong Spin-Orbit Splitting on Bi Surfaces (PDF, 841 kB)
    YM Koroteev, G Bihlmayer, JE Gayone, EV Chulkov, S Blügel, P. M. Echenique, and Ph. Hofmann
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 93 (4), 046403 (2004).

  6. Lehrbuch der Experimentalphysik Band 6. Festkörper
    L Bergnamm, C Schaefer, S Blügel
    Walter de Gruyter (2005).

  7.  Chiral magnetic order at surfaces driven by inversion asymmetry (PDF, 2 MB)
    M. Bode, M. Heide, K. von Bergmann, S. Heinze, G. Bihlmayer, A. Kubetzka, O. Pietzsch, S. Blügel, R. Wiesendanger
    Nature 447, 190 (2007).

  8.  Spontaneous atomic-scale magnetic skyrmion lattice in two dimensions (PDF, 2 MB)
    S. Heinze, K. von Bergmann, M. Menzel, J. Brede, A. Kubetzka, R. Wiesendanger, G. Bihlmayer, and S. Blügel
    Nature Physics 7, 713 (2011).

  9.  Symmetry and magnitude of spin–orbit torques in ferromagnetic heterostructures (PDF, 685 kB)
    K. Garello, I. M. Miron, C. O. Avci, F. Freimuth, Y. Mokrousov, S. Blügel, S. Auffret, O. Boulle, G. Gaudin and P. Gambardella,
    Nature Nanotechnology 8, 587 (2013).

  10.  Reproducibility in density functional theory calculations of solids (PDF, 1 MB)
    K Lejaeghere, G Bihlmayer, T Björkman, P Blaha, S Blügel, V Blum, ...
    Science 351, 6280 (2016).


 Complete publication list (PDF, 345 kB)