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How the "PICO" microscope works
With the help of the best electron microscopes of our times, at the Ernst Ruska-Centre researchers are able to model and examine in great detail the arrangement of atoms in a material, including how the interplay of atoms determines the properties of materials as well as components and circuits.  In February 2012, the ER-C added a high-performance microscope unique in Europe to its inventory of equipment; the PICO is able to correct not just spherical aberrations but also another type of lens defect – known as chromatic aberration – and in doing so is able to achieve a record resolution of 50 billionths of a millimetre.

See how the PICO works in this video.

Read more about “PICO” (Advanced Picometre Resolution Project) in our brochure  Insight into the World of Atoms (PDF, 9 MB)

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