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Analysing Electrochemistry on the Atomic Level
Researchers at the Peter Grünberg Institute, together with scientists from Aachen, Germany, and Tsukuba, Japan, have discovered a new way of studying electrochemical processes on the atomic scale.  This method could help to improve the energy efficiency of systems, which should in the future enable a new form of fast and energy-saving storage in information technology.  In addition, the methodology opens up new opportunities for the investigation and optimization of fuel cells, batteries, chemical sensors and catalysts.

The image here shows the atomic resolution of the structure of a solid electrolyte.

Original publication:
Atomically controlled electrochemical nucleation at superionic solid electrolyte surfaces;
I. Valov et al.;
Nature Materials (2012), DOI: 10.1038/NMAT3307

Press release from 29.04.2012 “Electrochemistry on the Atomic Level”

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