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About us - JuDocs

JuDocs was founded at the beginning of 2019 as a cross-institutional entity supporting more than 1,000 doctoral researchers and about 350 scientific supervisors working at FZ Jülich.

The main aims of JuDocs are:

  • Fostering best practices regarding excellent doctoral supervision throughout the centre and supporting doctoral researchers for example by implementing a transferable skills curriculum, central monitoring and counselling for all doctoral researchers on Jülich campus as well as by offering qualification measures and support for the supervisors
  • Strengthening the link between academic stakeholders on Jülich campus (e.g. institutes, graduate schools and interest groups), Corporate Development (UE) and Human Resources (P).
  • Enhancing the communication and cooperation with partner universities on standards in academic requirements for doctoral researchers, their training and support.

JuDocs houseJuDocs - central service point for all doctoral researchers and scientific supervisors

With its management team and a dedicated council, JuDocs is shaped by scientists of all career levels. Thus, it is a living structure that can adapt to the needs of researchers in all fields represented at FZ Jülich. A clear reporting structure and exchange between all stakeholders ensures that further developments in the structural support of doctoral supervision and training are also oriented towards strategic goals.

JuDocs management team

The JuDocs management team secures the existing expertise at Forschungszentrum Jülich in the area of postgraduate support and the strategic development of JuDocs.

Prof. I. JanzikProf. Dr. Ingar Janzik - JuDocs deputy head

JuDocs administrative office

JuDocs administrative office is the service and contact point for all doctoral researchers and scientific supervisors. Further, it manages all operational activities in close coordination with the JuDocs management team (e.g. transferable skills curriculum, committee work, registration of doctoral researchers on campus).

Contact: Get to know the JuDocs office team

JuDocs council

The JuDocs Council is formed by representatives of all institutes at FZ Jülich, graduate programs, doctoral researchers and supervisors, as well as the head of the human resources division and members of the works council. The council advises the management team on topics regarding the further development of JuDocs and will soon assume a monitoring function and crisis counselling tasks.
This specific structure ensures that relevant information are efficiently shared with scientists throughout the Centre. An elected spokesperson coordinates the work of the council, serves as a contact for all Council members and acts as the responsible contact for the management team.

JuDocs advisory council

JuDocs advisory council is composed by leading representatives of the centre’s most relevant university partners at a regional level. It advises JuDocs management team on structures, processes, and regulations regarding doctoral supervision and support. The aim of this Council is to strengthen the cooperation between FZ Jülich and its university partners creating synergies regarding doctoral researchers’ supervision and support.